How come you don't need to name exception php?

When you throw an exception you don't name it, why is this? I read that is an object, don't you need to assign an object to a variable? e.g.

throw new Exception('Division by zero.');

And how does this work:

catch (Exception $e){
//do something

What does Exception $e mean, is this some kind of shorthand for declaring an object?


throw is just a keyword that you need to follow by an object of type Exception or another class based on the Exception class. The Exception class constructor takes a string argument which instantiates an Exception object with that exception message.

The catch block functions basically as a method that is called with the Exception object after the throw keyword. The catch block takes an Exception object as a parameter which in this case is named $e inside the catch block.

This is the Exception class construct:

public __construct ([ string $message = "" [, int $code = 0 [, Exception $previous = NULL ]]] )

Read more about the Exception class here

If you want you can even name the Exception object before throwing it:

try {
    $ex = new Exception('Test exception.');
    throw $ex;

} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "Cacthed exception.";

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