Trying to make icon hidden in IE9 with compatability mode

I am trying to make an icon invisible when it is clicked, my HTML looks like this:

<img id="imgTop" style="border-width:0px;" src="../Images/Common/button-print-icon.gif" onclick="clicked()">

and the Javascript looks like this:

function clicked()

This works fine in Firefox and Chrome, but in IE 9 with compatibility mode it doesn't. I tried using several other methods (Such as passing this and using CSS style display), but nothing seems to work, can anyone help?


You have to options visibility:hidden; or display:none;

Display None - Example

function clicked() {
    document.getElementById("imgTop").style.display = "none";

Visibility Hidden - Example

function clicked() {
    document.getElementById("imgTop").style.visibility = "hidden";

The difference between visibility hidden and display none:

visibility: hidden hides the element, but it still takes up space in the layout.

display: none removes the element completely from the document. It does not take up any space, even though the HTML for it is still in the source code.


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