Core Data and Magical Record saving

This is somewhat of a basic question, but need some clarification.

I have this piece of code.

   //line of code #1

[localContext MR_saveToPersistentStoreWithCompletion:^(BOOL success, NSError *error) {

   //line of code #2


Is the line of code #2 the completion block? Should I make my changes to an entity prior to the save as line of code #1 shows?



Anything with the form of ^(…) { … } or ^{ … } is a block. In essence, a block is portable a chunk of code which is not directly executed. A block can be saved to a variable then execute at a later point in time.

typedef void (^my_block_t)();
my_block_t myBlock = ^{
    NSLog(@"I'm in a block");

Here's a block which prints a log statement. The block is saved to the variable myBlock. Note: at this point in time, NSLog does not print out anything.

At some point in time later, myBlock can be execute.


At this point in the code, the block is run and NSLog prints out it's statement.

If your example, the execution of line of code #2 is delayed until after the save has completed.

Logically, it works the same as:

Step 1) execute line of code #1 Step 2) execute save Step 3) execute line of code #2

Because things in line of code #2 happen after the save has completed, then any changes to the model would not be saved at that point.

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