Running MapReduce code that uses zooKeeper

I want to ask about how to execute a MapReduce java code that uses zooKeeper.

My first code is just to create a variable (znode) and to modify it by each mapper. So I modified the wordCount code just to test zookeeper for the first time. When I run it using the eclipse console, everything goes well, so I can see the changes on the value of the znode, etc.

However, I was trying to execute it using linux command line:

**bin/hadoop jar ./myjar.jar algo.WordCount /input.txt /out

I got the following error

**Error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.zookeeper.Watcher

Although that I added the path of the jar file using conf.set("mapred.jar","...."); in the mapreduce code but I don't know why it did not recognize the classes of zookeeper.

Any idea?


Check this blog from Cloudera on how to include 3rd party libraries in MR jobs.

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