How to identify view objects in a UIScrollView?

I have a UIScrollView with plenty of objects and I want to identify each of them. I currently do the following:

[learnLabel setTag:currentScrollElements];    
[learnStartButton setTag:currentScrollElements+10000];
[learnLike1Button setTag:currentScrollElements+20000];
[learnLike3Button setTag:currentScrollElements+30000];
[learnCommentField setTag:currentScrollElements+40000];


The ideal solution would be a system where can assign the same number twice to two different objects (to a UIButton and a UILabel for example). I do not want to run out of space, because the max value of tags is the same as the max value of an integer. How can I do this?


May be you can store all object in NSDictionary.

You can do this.

#define LearnLabel          @"LearnLabel"
#define LearnStartButton    @"LearnStartButton"
#define LearnLike1Button    @"LearnLike1Button"
#define LearnLike3Button    @"LearnLike3Button"
#define LearnCommentField   @"LearnCommentField"

NSMutableDictionary* childObjectsDictionary = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
[childObjectsDictionary setObject:learnLabel forKey:LearnLabel];
[childObjectsDictionary setObject:learnStartButton forKey:LearnStartButton];
[childObjectsDictionary setObject:learnLike1Button forKey:LearnLike1Button];
[childObjectsDictionary setObject:learnLike3Button forKey:LearnLike3Button];
[childObjectsDictionary setObject:learnCommentField forKey:LearnCommentField];

You can use tags without any problem, because it can be used with more views than the possible maximum capability of a device.

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