Better performance with javascript using Array, Object literal or JSON?

I am having a dilemma as I need to choose the best performing option.

What I have now is a simple array like:

var array = [

this array would contain around 60 options only but as I need to separate by language I am thinking of other options such as object literal or JSON format so it would contain all languages and around 1000 options.

var obj = {
            'en' : {
                'title' : 'bla',
                'url':'bla bla bla'                 
            'de' : {
                'title' : 'bla',
                'url':'bla bla bla'                 

The questions is what do you think would best perform for this? Thank you.


Object literal and JSON are the same thing (correction: see Quentin's comment)

IF you're searching for a value then JSON can have better performance because it's a hashmap implementation, so the lookup time would be O(1).

JSON is also more flexible, since you can have arrays in your JSON, you can have named keys, etc.

That said, I wouldn't worry about the performance gains here. They're probably negligible.

If you're trying to map your HTML pages to a language, you can either store the URL in a JSON keyed by language abbreviation ('en', 'de', etc.) or you could use a convention for naming your files (index-en.html, index-de.html). It's your choice.

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