Mysql query with group by?

Table users :
id      (int)
status  (int)
regdate (datetime)

I want to get the results in order of regdate, with count(id) 's and group by status.

For example :

 Date           Count(status = 3)    Count(status = 4)   Count(status = 5) 
2014-02-24            2                   5                     8 
2014-02-25            2                   5                     8 

We should have get the results in only a line per day.

Thanks too much in advance.


You can use SUM() with condition if there are limited statutes like 3,4,5,the expression in SUM() are evaluated as boolean , for n no. of statutes look at Marc B's comments

SUM(status = 3),
SUM(status = 4),
SUM(status = 5)
FROM `table`
GROUP BY regdate
ORDER BY regdate

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