All this steps are necessary with prepared statement?

All this step are corrects and necessary ?

store_result() and bind_result() togheter ?

if (isset($_SESSION['userID'])) {
$userID = $_SESSION['userID'];
$stmt = $mysqli->prepare(
   "SELECT usergroup, firstname FROM tbl_users WHERE userID = ? ");
$stmt->bind_param('i', $userID); 
$stmt->bind_result($usergroup, $firstname);
$_SESSION['usergroup'] = $usergroup;
$_SESSION['firstname'] = $firstname;



But a programmer always can write a function to wrap all this code in, and call it in one line

if (isset($_SESSION['userID'])) {
    $sql = "SELECT usergroup, firstname FROM tbl_users WHERE userID = ?";
    $_SESSION['user'] = $db->getRow($sql, $_SESSION['userID']);

However, I have to admit that to write a function based on mysqli requires extraordinary skill, which renders it practically unreliazable for the most SO users. So, better switch to PDO, as it requires three times less code to handle prepared statement, than mysqli

if (isset($_SESSION['userID'])) {
    $stm = $pdo->prepare("SELECT usergroup, firstname FROM tbl_users WHERE userID = ?");
    $_SESSION['user'] = $stm->fetch();

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