How to get a word in string C#

Given :

string command = "<CP1><SSA1>";
string command_2 = "<CP1><MPS>";

How can I get the word "CP1" and "1" from 'SSA1' in command and for command_2 is "CP1" and "MPS" then set to another variables?

I already search the similar question but still not found the best answer.

Edited :

For command variable, I want get 'CP1' from CP1 and '1' from SSA1. And for command_2 variable I want get 'CP1' from CP1 and 'MPS' from MPS.


You just need to get strings between angled brackets.. then you just replace "SSA" with "" and you have all the words you wanted !!!

using System.IO;
using System;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using System.Collections.Generic;

class Program
    static void Main()
        string command = "<CP1><SSA1>";
        string command_2 = "<CP1><MPS>";

            //prnt(command+command_2); //even this will work :)

    private static void prnt(string str)
                List<string> l = ExtractFromString(str,"<",">");
        foreach(string ll in l)

    private static List<string> ExtractFromString(string text, string start, string end)
        List<string> Matched = new List<string>();
        int index_start = 0, index_end=0;
        bool exit = false;
            index_start = text.IndexOf(start);
            index_end = text.IndexOf(end);
            if (index_start != -1 && index_end != -1)
                Matched.Add(text.Substring(index_start + start.Length, index_end - index_start - start.Length));
                text = text.Substring(index_end + end.Length);
                exit = true;
        return Matched;

Source of Extract method: Extract all strings between two strings

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