SWT “slim look” buttons and scrollbars

Eclipse 3.5 (on the Mac, at least) now has a slimmer look to its buttons and scroll bars, whereas previous versions' buttons and scroll bars used the larger, "puffier" look. I would like to adopt this same look in my RCP app, but I can't find in the SWT or JFace APIs anywhere how to force the widgets to use this slimmer look. How is this done?


This is because you're now using native Cocoa versus the previous Carbon implementation. There is no API for it.

Need Your Help

Please post any example for threading in MFC?

mfc multithreading

guys please post me an example for threading in MFC....it should show the progress and at the same time it should display the text,,if u anyone know some examples, please post me...

HTML-Validator Errors and Warnings

validation error-handling warnings

I seem to have a lot of errors on my site, 397 Errors, 317 warning(s), according to http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http://www.poker006.com/ . I was just wondering if knows an east ...

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