Need help with CAML from JavaScript to retreive all items from a SharePoint Message Board

I am using JavaScript to invoke the GetListItems method of the SP webservice and handing in the following CAML:

    var CAML = "<Query>"
            + "<ViewAttributes Scope=\"Recursive\" />"
            + "<Where>"
            + "<Or>"
            + "<Eq>"
            + "<FieldRef Name=\"ID\"/>"
            + "<Value Type=\"Counter\">" + id + "</Value>"
            + "</Eq>"
            + "<Eq>"
            + "<FieldRef Name=\"ParentFolderId\" />"
            + "<Value Type=\"Integer\">" + id + "</Value>"
            + "</Eq>"
            + "</Or>"
            + "</Where>"
            + "</Query>";

    var fieldinfo = "<ViewFields><FieldRef Name='Title' /><FieldRef Name='Body' /><FieldRef Name='CorrectBodyToShow' /><FieldRef Name='Created' /><FieldRef Name='Author' /><FieldRef Name='Editor' /><FieldRef Name='PersonalImage' /><FieldRef Name='DiscussionLastUpdated' /></ViewFields>"

And I only receive the top level item back...the Discussion Type item. There are 2 Message Type items related to the ParentFolderId of 1 but they do not get returned.

As an aside, if I run the CAML in the U2U tool it DOES return the entire Discussion and two Messages.



You need to set a property called Scope=Recursive. You've done this in your CAML but in the wrong place.

If you are using the object model then you would use

query.ViewAttributes = "Scope=\"Recursive\"";

However you're using the web service. In your example you've put ViewAttributes as a child of the Query node - but this is incorrect.

It should be part of the queryOptions paramater of GetListItems

So in addition to your code above you would nee

   var queryOptions = "<QueryOptions>" +
                         "<ViewAttributes Scope='Recursive' />" +

Then inside your javascript wrapper you would call it something like this (NOTE - this obviously won't work as is but you get the idea)

listService.GetListItems("List_Name", null,
                         CAML, fieldinfo , null, 
                         queryOptions, null);

the recursive feature is part of the query options object not the view options object in the web service

I have a hunch that you need to set the recusion in the SPQuery object, rather than in the query caml, eg:

qry.ExpandRecurrence = true

but I might be wrong :) I found that some sorting did not always work either.

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