How can i give access to IIS_WPG user role in IIS

How can i give access to IIS_WPG user role in IIS.

I am trying to run .net 2.0 application on windows xp laptop


It's a group on your machine, edit it like this:

  • Right click My Computer
  • Manage
  • Local Users and Groups
  • Users
  • Double click IUSR_**
  • Add whatever user needs it, probably the same account as your Application Pool

Open the microsoft management console and add the local users and groups snapin. There you can find the user group and add your service accounts.

Best Regards, Oliver Hanappi

I believe you are trying to set permissions on a folder?

Right click the folder and hit the security tab and give permissions to one of a few variations of a user (depends on several factors): \IUSR_ \ASPNET

Then the user will have access to that folder.

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