How do I determine which changes in one branch are missing from another?

I'm using git. I have a branch, apifixes, that was branched from master some time ago. Most, but not all, of the changes from the apifixes branch have been merged back into master. At least, I believe this is the case, because when I try to do

git branch -d apifixes

I get the following error:

error: The branch 'apifixes' is not an ancestor of your current HEAD.

How can I tell which changes are in apifixes but not in master?


git log master..apifixes

show commits reachable from apifixes, but not from master

if you want to show the difference between the two, use git diff instead

git log --oneline --left-right --cherry-pick master...apifixes (note the three dots ...) might be what you want.

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