Is it possible to use data annotations for LabelFor,ValidationMessageFor, EditorFor with strongly typed resources?

I would like to use DataAnnotations in my ASP.NET MVC application. I have strongly typed resources class and would like to define in my view models:

string Username;

CTRes is my resource, automatically generated class. Above definition is not allowed. Are there any other solutions?


Attributes can't do this

see C# attribute text from resource file?

Resource.ResourceName would be a string property, attribute parameters can only be constants, enums, typeofs

There's the DisplayAttribute that has been added in .NET 4.0 which allows you to specify a resource string:

[Display(Name = "UsernameField")]
string Username;

If you can't use .NET 4.0 yet you may write your own attribute:

public class DisplayAttribute : DisplayNameAttribute
    public DisplayAttribute(Type resourceManagerProvider, string resourceKey)
        : base(LookupResource(resourceManagerProvider, resourceKey))

    private static string LookupResource(Type resourceManagerProvider, string resourceKey)
        var properties = resourceManagerProvider.GetProperties(
            BindingFlags.Static | BindingFlags.NonPublic);

        foreach (var staticProperty in properties)
            if (staticProperty.PropertyType == typeof(ResourceManager))
                var resourceManager = (ResourceManager)staticProperty
                    .GetValue(null, null);
                return resourceManager.GetString(resourceKey);
        return resourceKey;

which you could use like this:

[Display(typeof(Resources.Resource), "UsernameField"),
string Username { get; set; }

This now works as it should in MVC3, as mentioned on ScottGu's post, and would allow you to use the built in DisplayAttribute with a localized resource file.

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