How to get an IFrame src attribute value from ASP.Net code behind?


string iframeSrcPage = iframeMain.Attributes["src"];

to get iframe source, always returns the value which set in aspx page itself, even that value is changed using javascript code,

iframeObject.src = pageURL;

So, how to get an IFrame src attribute value from ASP.Net code behind?


Try this: add a hidden input field (with runat="server" attribute) and change its value to your IFrame's src in the JavaScript. That way, you'll be able to read the field's value server-side.

Just found this post, and another post with a better answer.

Here are the details:

this.iframeMain.Attributes["src"] = "";

Taken from: How can I access an IFRAME from the codebehind file in ASP.NET?

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