How to disable mouse gestures as a developer?

I'm developing a web application and I noticed how irritating mouse gestures can be on it, so, is there a way to disable them (Firefox and Opera particularly)?

Edit: It seems there is some confusion. I'm developing a web based software that has an interface with such complex actions and tasks such as mouse selections, file drag and dropping, a desktop and a Windows Explorer -style filesystem. Whenever I try to select multiple virtual files and move them around, mouse gestures will apply and take me away from the software and navigate to the previous page or do something else nasty. My project is not a website, it's a web application -- mouse gestures are poison to this project.


You don't say you're using a library, but this is a jQuery plugin to detect gestures:

Looking at the source code, looks like it depends on measuring the action b/t mousdown and mouseup ... lotsa math.

And Mozilla offers some event handlers.. but it has a big Non-standard stamped on it.

the polite thing to do would be to inform users that to take full advantage of your site, they should disable mouse gestures temporarily.

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