Create Invisible Window in GTK#?

I'm looking to create an invisible window for the processing of certain X events (sort of like NativeWindow in Winforms). Is this possible in GTK#? Or do I need to manually create such a window using P/Invoke to the X libraries?


I'm not quite sure I understand what you're trying to do, but Windows in Gtk are invisible by default. If you never set the visibility to true:

window.Visible = true;

or if you explicitly set it to false:

window.Visible = false;

it will remain invisible.

Edit: This is the real solution to Zach's problem:

I just checked the GTK source code, and you can call Realize() on a GTK Window to make the GTK window create its corresponding GDK Window. The GDK Window is immediately hooked into the X server when it is created.

There is also Gtk.Invisible class which is used for capturing events.

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