Replace a DIV with a HTML File

I have created a horizontal menu with 5 tab options using a ul and 5 li tags that is held inside a div

Below this area, I have also create a separate div (id="content1") that will be used to display the content html files based on the tab options selected.

What I am unsure how to accomplish using both JavaScript and jQuery, how can I through a onlick call, replace the div content1 with the html file content? Say I clicked the tab "features" - would like to replace div id content1 with features.html file content?

Any help would be great.



This is easy to do using jQuery and load() to load the remote content and apply it to a div.

Lucky you, there's a great tutorial that explains exactly how to do this! :)

Try something like this:


Couldn't your retrieve the file contents via AJAX, and then set the contents of the div with .html()?

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