this.getClass().getClassLoader() and ClassLoader

What's the difference between this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource() and ClassLoader#getResource() ?



The first is the actual code, the second is just a pointer which class/method you should use.

By the way, you should rather have asked this minor question/request-for-clarification in a comment on my answer in your previous question.

You mean difference between "Class#getResource()" and "ClassLoader#getResource()"? If you look at JVM srcs (recommended), you will see that the first is a convenience wrapper method around the latter:

public getResource(String name) {
    name = resolveName(name);
    ClassLoader cl = getClassLoader0();
    if (cl==null) {
        // A system class.
        return ClassLoader.getSystemResource(name);
    return cl.getResource(name);

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