broken SQL 2008 SP1 Web Edition (can not login with SSMS)


My installation of SQL Server 2008 Web Edition SP1 was working properly.

Since I've recently joined Microsoft's Website Spark, I removed SQL2008 and installed SQL 2008 again using my Website Spark edition and license from the MSDN download site.

Next, I updated SQL 2008 to SP1 (this is required because I'm running Windows 2008 Server R2 Web edition).

When I launch SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), "User name" is "myhost\Administrator" and is greyed out so it can not be changed.

When I installed my Website Spark version, I did not include "myhost\Administrator" when I was configuring SQL 2008 service accounts.

Instead I created an administrator account "myhost\mySQLaccount".


Connect to Server
  (X)  Cannot connect to    (local)

   Additional information:
      Login failed for user 'myhost'Admistrator'
      (Microsoft SQL Server, Error:  18456)

I tried to use the SQL Server Configuration Manager to correct this problem but could not find any useful way to fix this issue.

How to I fix this problem?

Connect to Server ...
  Server type:          Database Engine
  Server name:           (local)
  Authentication:     Windows Authentication

Please advise.


The username is grayed out when the mode of authentication is "Windows Authentication" in the login window.

Change the Authentication mode to "SQL Server Authentication" and you should be able to edit the login name to "myhost\mySQLaccount".

Resolved this way:

  1. logged off
  2. logged on using SQL Server 2008 Admin account
  3. running ssms as sysadmin, added a new account for myhost\Administrator with sysadmin privileges.
  4. logged off
  5. logged back in as myhost\Administrator.
  6. success, Admin account is now okay for ssms 2008

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