My Ruby IRC bot doesn't connect to the IRC server. What am I doing wrong?

require "socket"

server = ""
port = "6667"
nick = "Ruby IRC Bot"
channel = "#0x40"

s =, port)
s.print("USER Testing", 0)
s.print("NICK #{nick}", 0)
s.print("JOIN #{channel}", 0)

This IRC bot doesn't connect to the IRC server, What am I doing wrong?


It failed with this message: 461 * USER :Not enough parameters

so change your code. For example, this one works:

require "socket"

server = ""
port = "6667"
nick = "Ruby IRC Bot"
channel = "#0x40"

s =, port)
print("addr: ", s.addr.join(":"), "\n")
print("peer: ", s.peeraddr.join(":"), "\n")
s.puts "USER testing 0 * Testing"
s.puts "NICK #{nick}"
s.puts "JOIN #{channel}"
s.puts "PRIVMSG #{channel} :Hello from IRB Bot"

until s.eof? do
  msg = s.gets
  puts msg

For more information about USER, see

I wrote a tiny IRC bot framework you may wish to use (as a reference):

The "USER" input is formed like:

"USER misc misc misc :misc\r\n"


s.print("USER #{nick} #{nick} #{nick} :#{nick}\r\n", 0)

should work. There are other ways to do it, but this is the quickest way I could come up with.

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