C++ type conversion

Where can I find an overview of type conversion, e.g. string to integer, etc.?

Because of the comments so far, I'll clarify: I'm looking for a list /table that says: To convert a string to an int, use: ... And same for other data types (where possible): double to int, char to string, ...


If it's string to/from other types then stringstream or boost::lexical_cast.

For other types it will depend on the types, but maybe look up the standard cast templates? static_cast and dynamic_cast should do most things you need, or there is const_cast and reinterpret_cast which tend to only be useful for dealing with legacy systems.

Streams are essentially C++'s string conversion operators.

You also have available C's conversion method of sprintf, but that is massively error-prone and unsafe.

There are functions in the standard library to do string<->int conversions. You should grab any reference book on C++, or search Google.

I'm more familiar with C, but I believe the C++ functions are the same: atoi, strtoi, etc.

I would recommend to read the reference about the string class and then something about casting to different data types generally.

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