SimpleDB to ActiveResource. Rails

Im looking for a way to map an ActiveResource to SimpleDB

I want to avoid plugins/gems as all I have used are outdated/buggy/not mantained

It doesnt seem hard, I wonder if any of you have succesfully implemented a rails app with simpleDB as an Active Resource. How did you do it? Thanks.


I haven't worked with SimpleDB, but I have mapped ActiveResource to Amazon's Flexible Payments Service REST api and just skimming the docs they seem similar so here's basically what I did, maybe you can use this as a starting point.

require 'base64'
require 'openssl'

class AmazonFlexiblePaymentResource < ActiveResource::Base = AMZ_CONFIG['flexible_api_url']

  def self.rest_api(options = {})
    params = common_request_params.update(options)

    sig = compute_signature(AMZ_CONFIG['secret_access_key'], 'get', site, params)

    rest_req = {'Signature' => sig}.update(params)

    # make the http get call
    connection.get("/#{query_string(rest_req)}", headers)


  # these are the params are common to all rest api calls
  def self.common_request_params
    { 'AWSAccessKeyId' => AMZ_CONFIG['access_key_id'],
      'SignatureVersion' => 2,
      'SignatureMethod' => 'HmacSHA256',
      'Timestamp' =>,
      'Version' => '2008-09-17'}

  def self.compute_signature(key, method, end_point_url, params)
    query_str = parameters.sort.collect {|k, v| v.to_query(k)}.join '&'

    # cannot use plus for space, and tilde needs to be reversed
    query_str.gsub!('+', '%20')
    query_str.gsub!('%7E', '~')

    to_sign = [method.upcase,,
        end_point_uri.request_uri, query_str].join "\n"

    digest ='sha256')
    hmac = OpenSSL::HMAC.digest(digest, key, to_sign)

Then I just make calls like this

res = AmazonFlexiblePaymentResource.rest_api({ 'Action' => 'GetTransactionStatus', 'TransactionId' => '1234567890ABCDEFGHIJ' })

And the response is a hash of the parsed xml. Again this works for Amazon Flexible Payments Service, so you may need to make adjustments to match the SimpleDB REST API.

Does it need to be ActiveResource? If you want it like ActiveRecord, check out SimpleRecord.

It's very actively maintained.

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