What is the most elegant way to deal with sourced files that themselves source (relative) source files in VIM?

I am editing a file like /path/to/file.txt with vim, hence the current directory is /path/to.

Now, I have a directory /other/path/to/vim/files that contains sourceA.vim. Also, there is a sourceB.vim file in /other/path/to/vim/files/lib/sourceB.vim

In sourceA.vim, I want to source sourceB.vim, so I put a so lib/sourceB.vim into it.

Now, in my file.txt, I do a :so /other/path/to/vim/files/sourceA.vim which fails, because the sourcing system is obviously not prepared for relative path names along with sourcing from another directory.

In order to fix this, I put a execute "so " . expand("<sfile>:p:h") . "/lib/sourceB.vim" into sourceA.vim which does what I want.

However, I find the solution a bit clumsy and was wondering if there is a more elegant solution to it.

I cannot put the sourceA.vim nor sourceB.vim into vim's plugin folder.


Maybe you could modify your runtimepath in your vimrc or elsewhere:

set runtimepath+=/other/path/to/vim/files

Then use :runtime instead of :source in your sourceA.vim file:

runtime lib/sourceB.vim

You can then use the same ":so /../../../sourceA.vim" command as before...

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