MDI and WPF Ribbon

i noticed that the WPF Ribbon is bound to a XAML Usercontrol or window.

Lets imagine i have a windws.xaml page with a WPF Ribbon at the top.

I want to create an instance such that once i click on one of the WPF Buttons, i am taken to a different XAML UserControl or "page". How do i do this?

Will this new page have the WPF Ribbon on the top?



Can you use a Frame in a Window that showing a page and Navigate this?

    NavigationUIVisibility="Hidden" />

And then use

frame1.Navigate(new Uri("Page2.xaml", UriKind.Relative));

to Navigate from the button? (or use a command)

I describe how to do this in my blog using the mvvm pattern.

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