Python directory list returned to Django template

Total Python newb here. I have a images directory and I need to return the names and urls of those files to a django template that I can loop through for links. I know it will be the server path, but I can modify it via JS. I've tried os.walk, but I keep getting empty results.


If your images are in one directory

import os
for files in os.listdir("."):
    if files[-3:].lower() in ["gif","png","jpg","bmp"] :
         print "image file: ",files

If it's a single directory, os.listdir('thedirectory') will give you a list of filename strings that seem to be suitable for your purposes (though it won't make "the urls" -- not sure how you want to make them?). If you need a whole tree of directories (recursively including subdirectories) then it's worth debugging your failed attempts at using os.walk, but it's hard for us to spot the bugs in code that we're not shown;-).

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