Global function in not accessible using Pylons + Python

I'm having trouble creating a global function accessible from within all classes. I receive an error from within that says:

NameError: global name 'connectCentral' is not defined

Here is my current code.

project/model/__ init

    """The application's model objects"""
    import sqlalchemy as sa
    from sqlalchemy import orm
    from sqlalchemy import engine_from_config

    from pylons import config
    import central

    #Establish an on-demand connection to the central database
    def connectCentral():
        engine = engine_from_config(config, 'sqlalchemy.central.')
        central.engine = engine


    import project.model

    class User(object):
        def emailExists(self):
                emails = central.Session.query(User).filter_by(
            if (emails > 0):
                return False
                return True

        except NameError:
            self.errors['email'] = 'E-Mail not set'
            return False

Am I missing an import? Is there a better way to do this?



You need to qualify the name with the module (or package) it's in, so:



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