Make Java Run as Scheduled Task in XP - Problem in reading env user variable

I try to run a java application through scheduled task in XP :

at 11:00 /every:m,t,w,th,f,s,su cmd /c "C:\Projects\piko\dist\piko.jar" arg

I realize in piko.jar, it always read empty for


If I run it as normal application through command prompt,

java -jar C:\Projects\piko\dist\piko.jar arg

The environment variable is there.

May I know how can I resolve this?


Have you tried:

cmd /c "java -jar C:\Projects\piko\dist\piko.jar arg"

Otherwise you probably have to specify a username and password to use when you schedule the task... it might be that XP is running it under some internal/system account which has no associated "user", per se.

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