How to get a file's size which is greater than 4 Gb?

I made a simple function, which get's a file's size.

int file_size( char * filename )
     int size;
     struct stat st;

     stat( filename, &st );
     size = st.st_size;

     return size;


It is working fine, but if i have a file which size is bigger than 4Gb than i get a negativ number back, and of course this isn't the correct file size. So how can i get such a big file's size? I think, that the return value should anything else like int but i don't know what, and i don't think, that would solve my problem.





I found the solution. I have to use __stat64. I modifyed my function, and now it is retrieving the real size. I tested it with an 8Gb big file.

unsigned long long int file_size( char * filename )
    unsigned long long int size;
    struct __stat64 st;

    __stat64( filename, &st );
    size = st.st_size;

   return size;


And a notice:

When i used printf, i had to use "%I64d" to print it out.


You can probably use _stat64.

You can use the Win32 GetFileSizeEx function.

HANDLE aFile = CreateFile

  long long aSize;
  GetFileSizeEx(aFile, &aSize);

  return aSize;
  return -1;

In such cases, return value of stat() might be -1, and errno set to EOVERFLOW.

The man page for stat on my (64 bit x86 machine) says:


(stat()) path refers to a file whose size cannot be represented in the type off_t. This can occur when an application compiled on a 32-bit platform without -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 calls stat() on a file whose size exceeds (2<<31)-1 bits.

st_size is defined as long in wchar.h, so you could probably try with long, instead of int

struct stat {
    _off_t     st_size;


typedef long _off_t;  

May be like this

long file_size( char * filename )
     long size;
     struct stat st;

     stat( filename, &st );
     size = st.st_size;

     return size;


I think , problem is because of file size more than INT_MAX , So that it is giving you negative values .

Probably you can do type cast for long data type , it may work.

Otherwise use , fseek , ftell function . then subtract end file pointer from start file pointer . It will also give you file size. ( number of bytes ) .

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