Is there any work-around for NHibernate-to-LINQ not supporting subqueries?

I know LINQ-to-NHibernate currently does not support sub-queries (

Is there any workaround about it?


linq-to-nh DOES support sub queries in where clause. It is exact thing I needed. I was wrong with my previous answer. Both martijnboland and Stefan Steinegger were right. To see how you do sub-queries in linq-to-nh see this and this. There is also limitations.

I think the workaround is simply to use HQL or Criteria.

I have not worked with nhibernate to linq but i'm sure that you can translate almost any subquery to a join

I have used a two part LINQ query as a work around. A LINQ-to-NHibernate for not related sub query section and a LINQ-to-Object for sub query related section of the query. Please see for more detail.

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