Does a swing filterable JList component exist?

For a specific screen, I'm looking for a JList that I could filter (the same way you can filter a JTable using a RowFilter)

Is there a good implementation of this kind of component anywhere here in the wild (and do you have an experience with it) or do I have to code it myself ?

(it is not that long to do, but if there is any valid implementation, I would be happy to use it)


Yes, I'm sure that the SwingX components provide this. Check out JXList.

You can get SwingX from here.

You could consider using a single column JTable instead of a JList. If you follow this approach you'll get filtering and sorting for free (providing you're using JDK 6).

IMHO glazedlists should do filtering as well as sorting for JTable, JList and JComboBox.

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