How can I return more than one object of different type in C# .net?

I have two objects and I dont want to create a wrapper class to have data of this two object, no 'Out' parameter is there any way that I can return more than one object of different type?

Will really appreciate it!!



public class VPair<TFirst, TSecond>
        public TFirst First { get; set; }
        public TSecond Second { get; set; }

        public VPair(TFirst first, TSecond second)
            First = first;
            Second = second;

or Tuple class in c#4.0


public class VTriple<TFirst, TSecond, TThird> : VPair<TFirst, TSecond>
        public TThird Third { get; set; }

        public VTriple(TFirst first, TSecond second, TThird third)
            : base(first, second)
            Third = third;

No. You can't.

You can use an array or a map to return them, though.

In c++ this can be done with something called std::pair. There is a StackOverflow post on how to do it in C#: What is C# analog of C++ std::pair?

You can return a List< Object >.

return new object[] { object1, object2 }

Alternatively, you can use an anonymous type. See this article for more information.

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