Error creating an index on postgresql with desc

When executing the following on postgresql 8.2:

CREATE INDEX product_index_8 ON product (product_id DESC, naam DESC, verbruik_per_eenheid DESC, inhoud DESC, barcode DESC);

We get the error:

  ERROR:  syntax error at or near "DESC"
    LINE 1: ...EATE INDEX product_index_8 ON product (product_id DESC, naam...  
    ********** Error **********   
    ERROR: syntax error at or near "DESC"
    SQL state: 42601
    Character: 53

Anyone knows what is going on? we Have the same index on a oracle server and it works without a problem.


At a guess, you aren't using PostgreSQL, you're using Greenplum Database or Amazon Redshift.

If you really are using 8.2: PostgreSQL 8.2 does not support DESCending ordered indexes.

Newer versions do - it was added in 8.3, per the release notes and docs.

Upgrade, 8.2 is obsolete.

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