how to make the last row of an as3 advanced datagrid editable while all other rows are not editable

I'm trying to make a single row of a data grid editable. so if I have 5 rows of complete data these will remain uneditable. however I will have added an additional empty row and this is the only row I want the user to have access to edit. this is being done using as3 in and advanced data grid. using the editable property of the data grid I have made the entire grid editable but this will be an unacceptable outcome


Specify editable property of datagrid as true but specify all the colums of datagrid editable property false

On ItemClick event check the rowindex.

If rowindex == 5(where u want ur datagrid to be edited) use editable property of datagrid for all colums to true else false

Hope you got it!!!


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