Is routes case-sensitive in Web API OData Service using ODataController?

i followed this to learn how ODataController works, everything is OK but when i changed the request uri from

"localhost:49292/odata/Employees" //result: 200


"localhost:49292/odata/employees" //result: 404

to say one word: "odata" or "Odata" and "Employee" are all ok, but lowercase "employee" return 404. any explanation about this. Moreover, the routes in mvc is not case-sensitive afaik.


how about including a Route attribute and direct it to lower case. for Upper case web api will take care about it


add this on the top of the controller

if odata is common for every action then you can include [RoutePrefix] attribute

You can manually do it using the ODataModelBuilder instead of the ODataConventionModelBuilder


        var builder = new ODataModelBuilder();

this will work but your metadata will show 2 entity sets:

@odata.context: "http://localhost:62881/$metadata",
value: [
name: "Employees",
kind: "EntitySet",
url: "Employees"
name: "employees",
kind: "EntitySet",
url: "employees"

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