Sql injection on stored procedure

I am trying to do sql injection on my stored procedure through login form. Here is my stored procedure

CREATE proc [dbo].[sp_ADM_Login] 
    @loginName varchar(25),
    @password varchar(100)


    dbo.GetUserName(l.UserDetailsCode, l.LoginType) as [Name],
    isnull(l.DefBranchId, 0) as BranchId,
l.DefBranchCode as branchCode,
l.LoginCode as loginCode
    ADM_Login l 
    LoginName = @loginName and
    [Password] = @password and
    l.IsActive = 1

I tried giving user name to user' or 1=1-- But it doesn't work. Is it possible to do sql injection in this code?

To executing store procedure, Here is C# code

Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase("ConnectionString");
    DbCommand cmd = db.GetStoredProcCommand("sp_ADM_Login");
    db.AddInParameter(cmd, "@loginName", DbType.String, loginName);
    db.AddInParameter(cmd, "@password", DbType.String, password);
    DbDataReader dr = (DbDataReader)db.ExecuteReader(cmd);


No, it isn't possible to do SQL injection with properly parameterized qeuries, as long as you call them from your C# code with parameters. If you format an EXEC sp_ADM_login... SQL string by yourself you are vulnerable.

With the C# code using proper parameters as you do you are totally safe. Any strange values will be properly escaped.

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