iTunes error : not enough memory available

I just created my app using Titanium. When done, the app can be installed on iTunes 11.1. When I upgrade to iTunes 11.2, there is no way to update the app. iTunes tells the app is not a valid iPod app... If I try to add the app directly to iTunes 11.2, it tells me that there is nos enough memory available...

Does anyone encountered this problem before and know how to solve it... ?


Pierrick, It is an issue which is reported here. iTunes 11.2 contains a behavior change that prevents Titanium applications from installing to device via iTunes using the Titanium CLI, Titanium Studio, and Appcelerator Studio.

This only affects development and test device builds when using iTunes. Simulator testing and publishing to the App Store is unaffected.

There are several workarounds,

  1. Do not upgrade iTunes, or downgrade back to 11.1.

  2. Choose your device during the packaging wizard instead of using “iTunes Sync”.

Reference : Device deployment broken by recent iTunes update 11.2

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