Config Routing to functions other than the default ones

In my controller class I implement my interface, the controller class is a subclass of ApiController

I have a method for my API called Read. I would like the default Get() to call Read().

Without having to do


Also I dont want to do /api/{controller}/{action}/{id}

I'd like /api/{controller}/{id} to route to the Read() method instead of Get()

The question is: Lets say I have a Controller thats called Devices. When a GET request to /api/Devices/ heppens I want it to call my specific method rather than the Get() method of the APIController.


You can use ASP.NET Web API Attribute Routing! (

public string Read() {
   return "You issued a GET request to the Read method";

You can do whatever you want with the route, just make sure you map the routes in the WebApiConfig like this: config.MapHttpAttributeRoutes(); (see the article for more info on that).

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