Loading OpenGL extensions with Qt5

I've followed this article on using OpenGL extensions in Qt5 (reference) and following the example code, I get the following error messages: undefined reference to

undefined reference to `QOpenGLExtension_ARB_instanced_arrays::initializeOpenGLFunctions()'

I've made sure that I have said extension through m_context->hasExtension(..)

Here's my code block (very similar to the article code):

QOpenGLExtension_ARB_instanced_arrays* m_instanceFuncs = new QOpenGLExtension_ARB_instanced_arrays();
qDebug("extension loaded");

I'd assume the article would have mentioned other necessary steps.. I'm using Qt 5.3 on Windows 7 with a 4.3 Core context.


QOpenGLExtensions reside in another submodule than opengl, and so I had to enable it in the pro file like so:

QT += openglextensions

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