get JSONS from a single string

i get a single String value as

"{"Link":"","DefaultValue":"","Content":"LONDON"}, {"Link":"","DefaultValue":"","Content":"United Kingdom"}"

which contains two jsons . how can i get each json and put in into an array or something in javascript/jquery ?

Please suggest the best way.


The String that you posted isn't valid JSON format. If it is an array of two objects, it should read:

'[{"Link":"","DefaultValue":"","Content":"LONDON"}, {"Link":"","DefaultValue":"","Content":"United Kingdom"}]'

Note the single quotes at the beginning and end, so that Javascript doesn't confuse the double quotes in the JSON and can parse them correctly.

Also note the brackets [] around the whole thing, that tells the parser that it is an array of objects.

You can read the new string into an object array like this:

var str = '[{"Link":"","DefaultValue":"","Content":"LONDON"}, {"Link":"","DefaultValue":"","Content":"United Kingdom"}]';
var arr = JSON.parse(str);

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