Search number in a varchar field using LIKE statement

Good morning,i have a little problem with a query to finding a record within a varchar field.

My table is composed of two field: codice and giacenza where codice is a varchar field type.

I need to find all the record start with a number.

The query i have tried is:

SELECT codice,giacenza FROM prodotti WHERE codice like 'AC%' OR '160%'

and this:

SELECT codice,giacenza FROM prodotti WHERE codice like 'AC%' OR '160_'

but returned me ALL the record and not only the row start with AC and 160. If i delete the OR '160%' or the OR '160_' the query return me the right record: only the row start with AC.

I have read after a research with google,that you can not use the wildcard with a number. It's that correct?

There's a method to resolve my problem with this query?

Thanks in advance.


your query is

SELECT codice,giacenza FROM prodotti WHERE codice like 'AC%' OR '160%'

when processed the codition will be treated as

        ( codice like 'AC%') // codition 1  which will True or false 
      OR ('160%')   // condition 2 will always true 
   one codition True in OR means expression true for all

which means ('160%') will always result true for all rows

query should be like this

SELECT codice,giacenza FROM prodotti WHERE codice like 'AC%' OR  codice like  '160%'

here is the solution :---

SELECT codice,
FROM prodotti
WHERE codice LIKE 'AC%'
  OR codice LIKE '160%'

let me know, if you accept this answer.

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