Create TreeView with events programmatically

I am creating a tree programmatically inside a row in a table. Works fine, but can not get the assigned event is called:

TreeView arbolCapas = new TreeView();
            arbolCapas.ID = "capas";
            foreach (String capa in servicio.Capas)
                TreeNode childNodes = new TreeNode();
                childNodes.Text = capa;
                childNodes.ShowCheckBox = true;
                childNodes.SelectAction = TreeNodeSelectAction.None;         
            arbolCapas.SelectedNodeChanged +=new EventHandler(arbolCapas_TreeNodeCheckChanged);

 protected void arbolCapas_TreeNodeCheckChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e)
            TreeView elemento = (TreeView)(((CheckBox)sender).Parent);
             foreach (TreeNode node in elemento.CheckedNodes) 
             {                //if (node.Checked)   

How I can call an event when the checkbox of a child node is checked?

Thanks a lot.


Kindly change childNodes.SelectAction = TreeNodeSelectAction.None to childNodes.SelectAction = TreeNodeSelectAction.Select;

I found the solution by adding the event as follows:

arbolCapas.Attributes.Add("onclick", "OnCheckBoxCheckChanged(event)");

And then, in javascript:

function OnCheckBoxCheckChanged(evt) {
        alert("check change");

Here the solution:

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