SQL Server / XML: change level of nested query results

can someone tell me how I have to change the following so that the results of the nested query (items) appear one level below dateRange instead of on the same level (which is what I get at present) ?


SELECT      A.dateRange,
                    SELECT      B.item,
                                        SELECT      COUNT(*) AS volume
                                        FROM        LogEsc C
                                        WHERE       C.policy = B.item
                                        AND         C.EID LIKE 'PE%'
                                        AND         C.dateEsc LIKE A.dateRange + '%'
                                        FOR XML PATH(''), ELEMENTS, TYPE
                    FROM        @temp2 B
                    ORDER BY    B.ranking, B.item
                    FOR XML PATH(''), ELEMENTS, TYPE
            ) AS items
FROM    @temp A

My current XML:


Many thanks for any help with this, Mike.


Change AS items to AS [dateRange/items].

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