Liferay Language switch issue

I am trying to implement multiple language support in my liferay Project. For this i added below code in portal_normal.vmfile of theme.

#set( $availLanguage = $stringUtil.split("hi_IN,en_US"))
<span id="language">$taglibLiferay.language("fm", null, "languageId", $toto, 0)</span>

which will add support for two language Hindi,English (United States).

and created hook for multiple language properties files.


but whenever i switch my language its not changing.It always shows values from file

so to check whats happening i tried printing below values in theme


but it always shows en_US even thought i changed language to hi_IN.

Looking for help to figure out whats going wrong.

Environment: Liferay 6.1.1 CE GA2


I think you need to add hi_IN language as Available Languages in Portal Settings if it is already not there.

To add this/or verify go to Control Panel --> Portal Settings --> Display Settings

here you will find a input box Available Languages which shows all available locales (comma seperated), make sure you have entry for hi_IN in this input box.

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