AngularJS : ng-model dynamic binding does not work

for some reason I cannot get the below 2 way binded. I'm trying to make a dynamic way of filling the ng-model in forms


<thead ng-repeat="field in fields">
        <select ng-model="{{}}"></select> 
        <select ng-model="{{field.month}}"></select>
        <select ng-model="{{field.morning}}"></select>
        <select ng-model="{{field.eveningOpen}}"></select>
        <select ng-model="{{field.eveningClosing}}"></select>
        <input type="checkbox" ng-model="{{field.checkMorning}}" />
        <input type="checkbox" ng-model="{{field.checkEvening}}" />                                        

<!-- add extra field -->
<button class="btn" ng-click="addNew()"c>add extra field</button>

<!-- delete last field -->
<button ng-show="fields.length > 0" class="btn" ng-click="deleteLast()"c>remove last extra field</button>

and here the angular/javascript:

$scope.fields = [];

$scope.addNew = function() {
    var newItemNo = $scope.fields.length+1;
                            'day'            :'day'+newItemNo,
                            'month'          : 'month'+newItemNo,
                            'morning'        : 'morning'+newItemNo,
                            'eveningOpen'    : 'eveningOpen'+newItemNo,
                            'eveningClosing' : 'eveningClosing'+newItemNo,
                            'checkMorning'   : 'checkMorning'+newItemNo,
                            'checkEvening'   : 'checkEvening'+newItemNo

$scope.deleteLast = function() {

am I missing some limitation because everyone who did it this way on stack was successfull :/


Your problem is ng-model="{{ obj.prop }}", it should simply be ng-model="obj.prop". Using {{}} will make Angular attempt to bind on the resolved property of the object. Also, since your objects are not unique I would suggest adding the track by function to the iteration.

Edit: Also, as mentioned below select also requires the ngOptions directive. Check-boxes can use string values with the ngTrueValue and ngFalseValue directives.

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