Perl adding array with another array

I cam across the code below online where it's trying to add two array. Can anyone explain what it is calculating to get 14?

my @a = (1,2,5)+(8,9);
print "@a";

output: 14


Output is 14 as $a[0] is 14 => 5+9

+ operator imposes scalar context on both lists so last elements are taken and added,

# in scalar context $x is assigned with last element
my $x = (1,2,5);
print "\$x is $x\n";

outputs $x is 5

warnings pragma would also complain, giving you a hint that something fishy is going on,

Useless use of a constant (8) in void context

Starting with:

my @a = (1,2,5)+(8,9);

When using a list in a scalar context, the last element is returned. Consult What is the difference between a list and an array? for details.

Therefore the above two lists reduce to:

my @a = 5 + 9;

Which mathematically equals:

my @a = (14);

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