How to highlight spaces in a tag? (CSS only)

I have the tag

<span class="block" style="width:12px;height:17px">&nbsp;tttt&nbsp;ttt&nbsp;ttttt</span>

I want to highlight only &nbsp;. How can I do it using only CSS?


Well there is no such way to select the space, but if for some reason you really want to do it then, you can try something like this:

<span class="block" style="width:12px;height:17px"><span style="background-color:#F00;">&nbsp;</span>tttt<span style="background-color:#F00;">&nbsp;</span>ttt&nbsp;ttttt</span>

Put the   within a span like

<span style="background-color:#F00;">&nbsp;</span>

You can't do this with only CSS; you will need to wrap each non-breaking space in a span and give that span a background color. Wikipedia does this in their article for example:

In Unicode, it is encoded as <span class="nowrap">U+00A0</span> <span class="unicode" style="background:lightblue">&#160;</span> <span class="smallcaps" style="font-variant:small-caps;">no-break space</span>

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