Accessing an object from ng-option

A lot of questions have bees asked about accessing objects but I couldn't find one that answers my problem.

I have a dynamically created object like this :

    id: "ISO 19115:MD_Metadata:identificationInfo:extent:temporalElement:extent",
    value: "ISO   19115:MD_Metadata:identificationInfo:extent:temporalElement:extent:endPosition",
    begin: "ISO 19115:MD_Metadata:identificationInfo:extent:temporalElement:extent",

What I'd like to do is display in ng-options (angularJS) the couples (id - ISO 19115:MD... , value - ISO 19115:MD...) for the second parameter is the path through the first.

So I was wondering if something like that could work:

 <select ng-model='selectedtype' ng-options="(item[0] + item[1]) for item in types">
        <option value="">select type</option> 

note that my object is in $scope.types.

This does not work so is there a solution like a designated keyword for accessing name:value couple.

I'm aware that this is quite bad designing for an object and that I should try something like this :

        'name': 'id',
        'value':'ISO 19115 ...',

But I'd appreciate another solution if possible.


You can use the following format in order to access an objects key-value pair:

ng-options="key as key+': '+value for (key, value) in types"

See, also, this short demo.

ng-options supports string concatenations. So you can easily use something like,

ng-options="'id-'', value-'+item.value for item in types"


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