Google Analytics Not Showing Correct Active Page in Rails App

I have a Rails 4 App with the Google Analytics js right before the end of the body to work with Turbolinks. However, unless I specifically reload the page I'm on, the Active Page always shows up as '/'. Is there any way to correct this?


You can use the google-analytics-turbolinks gem and add the script as usual.


The only thing the gem does, is that it adds this coffeescript file into the assets folder:

if window.history?.pushState and window.history.replaceState
  document.addEventListener 'page:change', (event) =>

    # Google Analytics
    if != undefined
      ga('set', 'location', location.href.split('#')[0])
      ga('send', 'pageview', {"title": document.title})
    else if window._gaq != undefined
    else if window.pageTracker != undefined

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