Field Name stored in variable

Is it possible to do this?

DECLARE @TableName As varchar(50)
set @TableName = 'tbl_goccurrence'   
DECLARE @OccurrenceFileNo As varchar(50)
    exec ('select ' + @OccurrenceFileNo + ' = occurrencefileno from @TableName where id=902000000001387589')
    print @OccurrenceFileNo

The error I get is: Incorrect syntax near '='


You can use sp_executesql with an output parameter to assign the value to @occurrenceFileNo.

DECLARE @OccurrenceFileNo As varchar(50)
exec sp_executesql N'select @OccurrenceFileNo = occurrencefileno from tbl_goccurrence where id=902000000001387589', N'@OccurrenceFileNo varchar(50) out', @occurrenceFileNo out
print @OccurrenceFileNo

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